Hungarian Traditionalist Woodworkers


  • The possibility to try out a contemporary open pit saw which was already used in ancient times

  • Barking a log with a draw-knife

  • Chopping a log with a cross-cut saw

  • Signing the log with a chalk-line, then shaping it with a broad axe

  • Woodworking on a shaving horse with a draw-knife

  • The use of the hand drill and the brace drill

  • The use of the auger

  • Gimlet with ring handle, auger, push/pull drill

  • Smooth-plane, spokeshave, beading plane

  • Pin-cut plane

  • Wheelers' borer

  • Stave plane

  • Reconscructed paleolithic woodworking tools

  • A hand-powered jigsaw from the 18th century

  • Defining the exact height of a tree with the help of a stick



 We welcome groups in our workshop located in Hagyárosbörönd 

Hosting takes about 3-4 hours, which includes the interactive introduction of our workshop and the following demonstration of the activities of woodworking craftsmen in the authentic environment of the forest and the opportunity to try out traditional tools. 

We welcome every kind of age group for a view and an interactive work as a

  • company event

  • class trip or

  • weekend family program.


Visitors can experience our exhibition trying out the following tools and the related workflows

If you are interested or planning to ask for a quote do not hesitate to contact us at any of the following adresses.


Armin Nemeth: +36 30 313 5403

Balint Nemeth:  +36 30 813 5208

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