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Our woodworking tools and the related workflows

(The listed workflows and tools are constantly under our supervision so that they can be tried out safe.)

A contemporary three man open pit saw, which was already used in ancient times.

The functioning of an original foot-powered lathe made in the early 1800's.

The process of shaving a log with a draw-knife. This tool can also be used for shaping and smoothing the wood.

A kid is working on a shaving horse, which has been an important instrument at households used for making tools.

The smooth-plane is used for creating even surfaces. The curled chip is utilized when making handicraftsman toy products.

Visitors are able to cut wooden slices with a cross-cut saw.

The heading for wooden nails was carried out by the auger.

Shaping a log with a broad axe.

Only a few has heard about the pin-cut plane. With this uncommon tool, cone-shaped surfaces can be planed.

One of the largest planes is called the stave plane, which was a fundamental tool for coopers. Its characteristic feature is that the stave need to be pushed on the plane.

The spokeshave is applicable mostly to curved or hardly approachable surfaces.

It is also possible to have a look at and some of our most extraordinary tools from our collection.

The above listed arfifacts can be prepared on the spot and are free to take

In this picture you can see the card figures which children can copy onto the piece of food then we help them sawing out the shapes.

All of the products are certainly free to take away.

Deer made of lime tree cut out with the help of our jigsaw.

A clothespin toy made of wood.

A wooden snail, which is pretty easy to carry out, this is why even preschoolers are able to make it.

The kids' most favored is the hand-powered jigsaw from the 18th century. 

During its operation children drive the machine, while we handle the piece of wood following the pre-drawn sample.

Having cut out the figures, children can also polish, paint and decorate them or make medals and keycases as final products.


Bird sitting on a birch-wood, cut out with our jigsaw then painted.

Spinning sunflowers cut out of different types of veneers.

A gnome made of hazel and moss.

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