Hungarian Traditionalist Woodworkers

We constantly hold exhibitions at festivals, handicraft fairs, gastronomy days, village days or at any other kind of traditionalist events


Some previous events where we have already participated

  • Festival of Folk Arts (Buda Castle)

  • Velemi Gesztenyenapok

  • Savaria Historical Carneval (Szombathely)

  • Gyulai Végvári Napok
  • Ga-Liba Gasztrofesztivál (Szombathely)

  • Pécsváradi Leányvásár

  • Karácsonyi/adventi rendezvény (AGORA-Szombathely)

  • Zala kincse az erdő - Erdésznap (Zalaegerszeg)

  • Háry János Mesefesztivál (Szekszárd)

  • Szigligeti Várfesztivál (Szigliget)

  • Nemzetközi Halászléfőző Verseny (Lendva)



Our visitors can have look at the display of traditional woodworking skills and they also have the opportunity to try them out:

  • The possibility to try out a contemporary open pit saw which was already used in ancient times

  • Barking a log with a draw-knife

  • Chopping a log with a cross-cut saw

  • Signing the log with a chalk-line, then shaping it with a broad axe

  • Woodworking on a shaving horse with a draw-knife

  • The use of the hand drill and the brace drill

  • The use of the auger

  • Gimlet with ring handle, auger, push/pull drill

  • Smooth-plane, spokeshave, beading plane

  • Pin-cut plane

  • Wheelers' borer

  • Stave plane

  • Reconscructed paleolithic woodworking tools

  • A hand-powered jigsaw from the 18th century

  • Defining the exact height of a tree with the help of a stick


The following artifacts can be prepared on site and are free of charge:

  • Cutting out figures of animals and plants from pieces of wood with the help of a hand-powered jigsaw

  • Spinning sunflowers cut out of different types of veneers 

  • Bird on a birch-wood

  • Other simple and amusing wooden toys (gnomes, clothespin toy, wooden snail etc.)

  • Besides this, the new ides of our visitors are also welcome and we kindly help with the implementation

Our contemporary and moving collection of antique tools, some of them have almost sinked into oblivion:

  • Broad axe, chip axe

  • Spring callipers, parallel ruler

  • Sliding protractor

  • Adjustable clamp

  • Ripping saw

  • Draw knife with straight and curved blade

  • Crozer, stave-border plane

  • Marking axe

  • Adze


Event organizers can ask for a quote at the following contacts:


Armin Nemeth: +36 30 313 5403

Balint Nemeth  +36 30 813 5208

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