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       The so called Hungarian Traditionalist Woodworkers group was founded in Zala county in 2008 by our father, Janos Nemeth who was a furniture restorer living in Hagyárosbörönd. According to his intention, the main goal of our group is to familiarize and endear woodworking skills and methods from the old times with those who are interested, displaying tools and workflows of craftsmen like carpenters, coopers,  wheelers, wood-turners and joiners.

      These old tools had been handed down from father to son or from grandfather to grandson helping them to make ends meet through generations. Sadly, since the technological development from the 1950's they had been used less and less, thus many ended up in the attic or were burned up. Such rare tools has been preserved by Janos Nemeth through decades of collecting and saving.

     Our father passed away in 2012. Since our childhood we had been raised up in a spirit of loving woodworking. We proudly and enthusiastically continue what he had started.

      The saved tools are still open to the public in the frame of our exhibition consisting nearly of 1000 items, where the inquirers can take them in hand or even try them out. Through the period of the collecting not only the tools, but workflows, traditions and secrets heading down only from master to disciple could be preserved.

       Since the establishment of the Hungarian Traditionalista Woodworker group we have attended events and hosted groups nearly 90 times - at our workshop, kindergardens, schools, village days, artisan fairs, festivals and traditionalist events - for different kind of ages. We have been operating as part of an artisan section in child centered camps where we have met and discovered many talented children whom we still help to improve their skills.

     We find it really important that the generations following us also carry on and hand over all the knowledge that was invented by our ancestors, since our past is a strong root, nourishing our present and future.

Armin Nemeth and Balint Nemeth

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